About solvetaxproblem

Hello Friends.

Welcome to “solvetaxproblem

My name is Avishek Mukherjee and I am the founder of Solvetaxproblem.in,

I am a Cost & Management Accountant and an Associate Member of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Solvetaxproblem is not only a blog with a lot of articles.

It is a place where WE (You and Me) can discuss our problems related to tax, personal finance, CA/CMA/CS/BCOM exams preparations, etc. You and Me, together we solve our tax-related problems.

Why I am talking about “WE“?

Yes, I am the founder but what can I will do alone?

Can anybody live without any help?

YOU” and only “YOU” can provide positive value to this blog.

And it is a universal truth that only you know much better than anybody about your problems.

So, my friends, visit “YOUR” site. Tell me about your problems.

Yes. it is your site. I am only the founder and service provider.

What kind of services you can expect from “solvetaxproblem”?

First of all, I want to tell you that I am not a “Chartered Accountant”. So, I can’t provide you any audited/Certified books of accounts.

But I can help you to prepare your’s books of accounts.

Here is the list of all the works:

Income Tax related Services

  • Basic Knowledge about Income Tax.
  • 100% Theoretical Knowledge.
  • 90% Practical Tips. (In reply of your questions).
  • 90% Free Advice.
  • Return filing Assistance. (With a MINIMUM service charges.)

Books of Accounts related services

This services only for small taxpayers. I am not able to provide this service to any big concern. Offcource it is not a free service.


GST related Services

Same like Income Tax related services.

Training and Teaching

This is for students.

Students who are preparing for CA/CMA/CS/B.COM can contact me (Only for Tax). I will provide them a friendly knowledge sharing experience.  Again, my advice is 90% free.

Final Word

It is not an award-winning blog.

It is just 6 months old.

Only you can make it bigger.

So, join me.

Together we will create history.

I hope you can understand the purpose of solvetaxproblem.

Finally, if you think “solvetaxproblem” is really a helpful place then, please don’t forget to share it with your friends.